Hay mucho escrito sobre Product Management. Aquí solo quiero dejar pineados los recursos que me sirven en este transitar profesional.

What are we talking about when we talk about product?

Foto de Thirdman:

I used to think a Product Manager was in a way like an orchestra conductor. But now, the more I understand about the role, the more I know I was mistaken. If we were to do the analogy with the orchestra, I'd say the CEO would be the conductor, the first violin could jump on the roles of CMO and or sales director depending on the company, but the PM has to be somebody reliable, somebody that doesn't need to shine above the rest. Someone who carries the melody, but not the solo. Maybe It'd be a clarinet.

I've learn about product in many places. First, without knowing so, I was acting like one. Then the courses and resources arrived:

- CodeOp opportunity

Other projects: 

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